Bridges of Music

“Music is the common language of humanity” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music reaches people where words fail. It can tear down walls and build bridges, open hearts and create new dialogues among the musicians themselves and their audiences. Between members of different cultures, religions, sexes and social groups, and among those who could see each other as nothing but foreigners – until they felt equally touched by the same music.

With her Bridges of Music as a project of the heart, the Berlin-based musician and composer Beatrix Becker introduces this idea to a world audience. In her works she combines such diverse styles as klezmer and tango, jazz and film music, in the search of new sounds and moods, in Buenos Aires and Switzerland, in Jerusalem and New York City. She also hosts meeting rooms with great musicians (such as Giora Feidman, Noah Hoffeld, Cora Venus Lunny).

The more Beatrix Becker pursued this artistic path the more she became aware of how easy music connects different people especially in times when understanding is more necessary than ever. Bridges of Music launched an international concert in Istanbul shortly before the military coup in summer 2016. Since this formative experience Becker has committed deliberately to arguing the importance of communication through music.

Beatrix Becker is currently visiting the Ambassador and Cultural Commissioner in Berlin. She is explaining her ideas, asking questions, collecting impressions and gaining inspiration. She improvises a “thank you” on the bass clarinet at the close of every meeting. Step by step, she is organizing a concert series through the diplomatic missions – as a musical journey around the world. Wherever possible, she creates a concert-experience, together with artists from the various countries of origin. She is already planning a public event with as many international guests as possible.

Becker’s idea has been met with overwhelming resonance at an early stage. There are initial examples of cooperation in Berlin and abroad. At the same time, discussions are being held with other organizations and sponsors, who support the cinematographic documentation of the project with network and capital and co-finance travel expenses, fees, technology and advertising for major events. In the medium term, Bridges of Music is to become a peaceful platform for musical understanding. With regular concerts at home and abroad, joint CD projects and reports from other cultures and social contexts, with love for music, diversity and humanity beyond all differences.